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Recommended Vegetable Seeds

Fresh ripe tomatoes on the plant We have built a huge list of over 30 different recommended vegetable varieties that we have grown and would recommend. Seeds vary from the typical red beetroot boltardy to brightly coloured beans.

If you click on the variety you’ll be directed to a place you can purchase the recommended seeds.

Aubergine Seeds

Aubergine Black Beauty -  The pear-shaped fruits have a bright mauve color and measure a height of approx 60cm (24’’).The fruits have a white interior which is delicious, nutritious and light in the same time. It is best used grilled and baked.

Beetroot Seeds

Beetroot Boltardy - Among the best known variety of beetroot, “Boltardy” produces good crops of red roots, sweet enough to be used by themselves or pickled. This particular variety is resistant and suitable for early sowings. This is a tried and tested variety grown for many years.

Broad Bean Seeds

Broad Bean The Sutton - The Sutton produces impressive amounts of 15cm pods each filled with five small and soft beans. The beans are perfect for freezing and make nutritious foods when served steamed or cooked. Plants are also suitable for small gardens and are best sowed in spring.

Broccoli Seeds

Broccoli Tendergreen - This particular breed of broccoli is a delicious and highly nutritious cross between the Calabrese and the Chinese kale broccoli. It produces narrow spears with green, eatable and tender ends. It measures 45cm (18”) in height with a spread of 40cm (16”). Suitable for steaming, eating raw of freezing.

Brussels Sprout Seeds

Brussels Sprout Bedford Fillbasket - this fantastic winter cropping variety offers the darkest and biggest green sprouts. They can be easily harvest from early September until Christmas. They make the perfect ingredient for stews, soups or grilled vegetables. Perfect for growing for Christmas dinner.

Cabbage Seeds

Cabbage Durham Early - this is England’s number one favourite cabbage variety. Reliable crops, the “Durham Early” seeds grow to become firm and pointed. Best harvest during spring season and end of summer in July and August, this particular cabbage will grow quite large if in good fertile soil.

Carrot Seeds

Carrot Early Nantes 2 -  Nantes carrots mature fast and delivers roots with a medium height of 15cm. The crops are a very bright orange colour and have a great crunchy sweet taste. Best sowed in early spring for the first crop of the year.

Cauliflower Seeds

Cauliflower All The Year Round - this cauliflower is a bright white and can be harvested over a longer period that some varieties. It is perfect for successive crops. This variety is tried and tested for many season and never fails to give good crops.

Celery Seeds

Celery Lathom Self Blanching Galaxy - A hardly unusual type of celery, the Lathom Self Branching Galaxy variety consists of long and string-less sticks of crisps which doesn’t need blanching. It is usually sown earlier than most other varieties of celery for early crops.

Chard Seeds

Leaf Beet Bright Lights - Chard is from the spinach family, but this variety produces a colorful palette of leaves ranging from large green to bronze. The Swiss Leaf Beet Bright Lights can be easily cropped during spring and early summer while it flowers in summer.

Courgette Seeds

Courgette Defender - This variety will grow a heavy and solid green courgettes that can easily grow marrow size. It is resistant to the Cucumber Mosaic Virus and has a height of 45cm. It’s flowers are edible having a sweet flavor. Best sowed in late spring and early summer.

Cucumber Seeds

Cucumber Cucino - The Cucino cucumbers are ideal for quick snacks and because of their small height than can be easily eaten without peeling them off first. They have crisp and extremely flavored fruits and make the perfect crop in greenhouses.

Dwarf French Bean Seeds

Dwarf Bean Purple Teepee - Originated in France the variety consists of 15cm long pods without strings. Many gardeners agree that its unique flavor can only come from its beautiful purple color rich in antioxidants. Great for bringing colour to summer dishes!

French Bean Seeds

Climbing Bean Cobra - This French green bean is among the most popular breeds of beans. It consists of an exquisite flavor and it can be cropped for a longer season. Its mauve-colored beans can be used alone or with the pod. Cobra climbing beans are a variety that should be in every garden.

Leek Seeds

Leek Musselburgh- Measuring 45cm (18”) the “Musselburgh Improved” variety of leek makes the perfect crop because it can easily face harsh winter temperatures and burning summer ones. It is among the most popular breeds to be harvested in the UK.

Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce All The Year Round - This great variety is sowed between March and September and its unique fresh taste is an absolute must for anyone who loves fresh lettuce. The outside leaves are leafy and the inside leaves have a nice crisp to them. Highly recommended for UK growing

Melon Seeds

Melon Outdoor Wonder - This is by far one of the most tasty and juicy types of yellow melon. It can be grown outdoors outdoors in a good year or in a greenhouse. Requiring a hot and humid climate, the Outdoor Wonder melon is a bit of a challenge. It provides fruits of the size of a tennis ball, just perfect for a single person snack.

Onion Seeds

Onion Ailsa Craig - One of the most recommended breeds of onions, the Ailsa Craig crops consist of perfectly globe shaped fruits with thick layers and a beautiful golden skin. While its most common sowing months are between January and April, the Ailsa Craig can also be sown in the autumn months. Its unique mild to sweet flavor has turned it into a favourite.

Parsley Seeds

Parsley Plain-Leaved - Parsley is one of the most popular herbs used in kitchen to flavor anything from baked potatoes to soups, sauces and meats while perfectly seasons fish dishes. The Plain-leaved or the Italian parsley easily develops in all environments and can even grow in a kitchen jar for a daily fresh use. It is biennial and has a strong flavor.

Parsnip Seeds

Parsnip Tender and True - The most common type of parsnip out there, the Tender and True type is the most flavored one. It is sowed in late spring and early summer and requires a sunny and medium humidity environment. This variety is by far the most widely grown and available varieties.

Pea Seeds

Pea Meteor - The Meteor type of pea produces abundant crops with small yet fully-filled pods. The Meteor peas make it through winter and can be sowed under raw climates and harsh winters. It provides small and green peas and makes the ideal first fresh dish of the year.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Jack of All Trades - This variety is ideal for Halloween growing. The crops are made from flat based and medium-sized fruits. Its skin color is of bright orange and the flesh is juicy and sweet. It flowers from June to August and  the ready for harvesting around Halloween.

Radish Seeds

Radish French Breakfast - The French Breakfast radish distinguishes itself through an oval shape and crispy and crunchy roots. The radish are red at the top of the root while the bottom of it has a nice mild white color. This particular reliable crop is perfect for sowing both outdoors and in greenhouses and will provide rich and nutritious crop for the entire spring.

Runner Bean Seeds

Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor - Scarlet Empire is earlier than a lot of varieties, often growing to 11 feet tall this variety is huge and grows incredibly fast. Expect huge, tasty crops from July onwards. Even when large the beans are stringless.

Spinach Seeds

Spinach Appollo - While fresh this variety makes a delicious and full of nutrients salad, cooked can become the perfect garnish for light meats. Apollo spinach provides dark green and thick bouquets of leaves. It is particularly resistant to pests and can be easily grown in your own backyard.

Squash Seeds

Squash Turk’s Turban - Turk’s Turban  is one of the most beautifully coloured varieties. Each fruit of this squash has a unique hat with a plethora of bright colors from white to green and orange. Due to its physical appearance, the squash makes the perfect choice for ornamental use.

Sweet Corn Seeds

Sweetcorn Lark - The kernals from this variety are a super sweet type. The sweetcorn is ready very early which makes it ideal for being grown in the UK climate.  This variety is more reliable than many others when grown in the UK and has given us the best crops for several years.

Sweet Pepper Seeds

Sweet Pepper Jumbo Sweet - Jumbo Sweet peppers have a height of more than 15cm and can weigh up to 200 grams alone. This hybrid was created to come thick and to make for an abundant crop. It is best eaten fresh because of its sweet taste but tastes just as good cooked. This pepper adjusts well in greenhouses but can be tried outdoors.

Tomato Seeds

Tomato Gardener’s Delight - Gardener’s Delight is the number one tomato variety. While most people agree that today’s tomatoes are rather bland and tasteless, it surely isn’t the case of the Gardner’s Delight. It provides cherry tomatoes with a very sweet taste, ideal to be eaten fresh and whole in salads or sandwiches.

Turnip Seeds

Turnip Snowball  - Snowball was basically named after its white color and snowball-like size. The crop consists of early juicy and sweet fruits that are ideal to be consumed fresh as salads or into a variety of cooked dishes. The Snowball turnip can be cropped from summer and lasts until winter.